• Answering Hyung-yul About Heaven’s Court
  • After Sahng-jeh-nim and Hyung-yul returned to earth, Hyung-yul remained elated.
  • On a later occasion, he asked, “Who was the one dressed in platinum sitting before You and writing something?”
    “That was Shakyamuni Buddha,” Sahng-jeh-nim replied.
  • “In heaven, why did my father and grandfather say nothing?”
  • “They refrained because I was there. Also, it would be a great offense if they mistakenly revealed the secrets of heaven.”
  • “What terrible transgressions did that prisoner commit to be castigated in such a stern way?”
  • “The prisoner was An Lushan.”
  • Surprised, Hyung-yul asked, “It has already been over a thousand years since he committed treason. Has it not been resolved yet?”
  • “A crime against one’s country is indeed grave. Those who commit such a crime may be interrogated every hundred years.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 4,26)

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