• Maintain Peace Among Yourselves
  • “Always insist on peace. If there is fighting among yourselves, discord will erupt in the world.
  • Do not create vengeful energy within others. Consider the world’s people as one family. Grains of sand cannot be joined together without something that binds them.
  • Mind what you say. If three of you come together and mark someone as dead, the person really will die.
  • Many people have searched extensively for the place upon which the star of good fortune shines, but it is not far away.
  • The star of good fortune shines on those who cultivate themselves with virtue and treat others well. This is the way to avoid calamity.”
  • In a work of renewal, Sahng-jeh-nim wrote:
  • 德懋耳鳴 過懲鼻息
  • Striving for virtue
    should be like sound in your ears.
    Correcting your wrongdoings
    should be like breathing through your nose.
  • Gently Stroke the Hand of the Assailant
  • “Do not harbor resentment, even if you are struck during a dispute. Instead, gently stroke the hand of the assailant and console that person.
  • Work hard at forgiving others. It carries unlimited virtue.
  • Forgive your enemies and love them as if they were your benefactors. This will be your virtue, and you will receive great blessings.
  • 10 Paying back evil with evil is like washing off blood with blood.”
  • Difficult to Live with Transgressions
  • 11 “It is difficult to live when you have transgressed.
  • 12 Happiness is found only in the places where all transgressions have been cleared away.
  • 13 Tell Me, earnestly, what wrongs you have done.
  • 14 I will forgive each and every one of them. Reforming a fault is the same as having no fault.
  • 15 Whenever and wherever you pray to Me with utmost sincerity, I will accept your prayers.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 8,23)

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