• Reviving People by Applying Energy
  • In the autumn of 1903, because Gim Sung-chun’s field in Gu-rit-gohl Village became infested with aphids, his crops withered.
  • Seeing this, Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Revitalizing a dying person by applying energy is like reviving these dying vegetables.” He then made it rain.
  • Some days later, upon returning from a journey, Sahng-jeh-nim asked Gim Ja-hyun, “What happened to Sung-chun’s dying vegetable field?”
  • “With the recent rainfall, the vegetables have been revived, and now he has the best produce in the village.”
  • “It is the same with humans,” said Sahng-jeh-nim. “The sick and the dying will be revived when energy is applied to them.”
  • Gim Yoon-geun had been suffering from hemorrhoids for many years. In 1903, the problem became so severe he was bedridden.
  • Feeling pity, Sahng-jeh-nim instructed him, “Chant the Shee-chun-ju Mantra seven times each morning.” Yoon-geun did exactly as told and was cured within a few days.

  • (JSD Dojeon 9,12)

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