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  • Spirit Teaching, Sahm-shin, and Sahng-jeh-nim
  • In the great beginning, heaven and earth spontaneously opened.
  • And there amidst the brilliance of this sudden opening of the universe was Sahm-shin. Sahm-shin is the one spirit, the universe’s sacred spirit of creative change.
  • Sahm-shin gives birth to all that exists in heaven and earth.
  • As one with Sahm-shin, the God who governs the universe has been called Sahm-shin Sahng-jeh, Sahm-shin God, or Sahng-jeh-nim by the Korean people since ancient times.
  • The Korean people originally practiced Spirit Teaching and have long revered Sahng-jeh-nim and the spirits in heaven and earth. The tradition of performing rites in honor of spirits has its origin in Korea.
  • Since the end of the Three Sacred Dynasties called Hwahn-gook, Bae-dahl, and Old Joseon, the true history of ancient Korea has been distorted by China and Japan. The Korean people, cut off from their roots, have been deeply wounded.
  • It was in Korea that Sahng-jeh-nim came to the world as a human being.
  • His incarnation was foretold by the philosophers and sages He had sent before Him, such as Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus, and Confucius.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,1)

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