• Zhu Changchun Foretells Sahng-jeh-nim’s Advent
  • Zhu Changchun lived in China’s Ming dynasty.
  • His work of prophecy, “The Lineage of the True Enlightened Ones,” was passed down through generations. He showed how Confucianism and Buddhism emerged, citing the principle of terrestrial qi; finally, he predicted the coming of a messiah who would save humanity and unite the civilizations of the Early Heaven.
  • He explained the advent of Confucius and Shakyamuni Buddha and foretold the advent of Sahng-jeh-nim, who resided on the highest throne in heaven and who would come at a time of great change in human history. Zhu Changchun wrote:
  • The source of all mountains is the Kunlun Mountains, originally called the Xumi Mountains.
  • The first range extends east, rising into Ruba Mountain. Ruba gave birth to Niqiu Mountain, which has seventy-two peaks. Confucius, born of Niqiu Mountain’s qi, enlightened seventy-two disciples.
  • The second mountain range extends west, giving rise to Foxiu Mountain. Foxiu gave birth to Shiding Mountain, which has 499 peaks. Shakyamuni Buddha came from the qi of Shiding and enlightened 499 disciples.
  • The third mountain range extends straight to the east and bears Baek-du Mountain and then turns south and bears Geum-gahng Mountain with its twelve thousand peaks. Jeung-san will be born amid this qi. Below Mo-ahk Mountain, the gate of heaven and earth, He will open the dao of harvest, and twelve thousand will become enlightened sages.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,10)

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