• The Names of Sahng-jeh-nim
  • Sahng-jeh-nim’s given name was Il-soon (一淳), His childhood name was Hahk-bohng (鶴鳳), His adulthood name was Sa-ohk (士玉), and later He adopted the name Jeung-san (甑山).
  • He is Mu-geuk Sahng-jeh, the one who opens the great cosmic destiny of Mu-geuk by performing Chun-jee-gohng-sa, the work of renewing heaven and earth.
  • He was born into this world in Gaeng-mahng Village of Ooh-duk Township in Go-bu County, Jul-la Province, in the Hour of the Rat, on September 19, 1871 (Shin-mee, DG 1), the Year of the Sheep.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,12)

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