• Something to See on the Street
  • The next day, Jeung-san and Pil-sung arrived in Jeonju and found a quiet place to stay.
  • Pil-sung, whose heart burned with the patriotic desire to save his country from the encroachment of foreign forces, strongly believed a new world would open through the teachings of Eastern Learning. He would not be swayed by Jeung-san’s advice.
  • That night, Jeung-san told Pil-sung, “When you go out into the street, there will be something to see.”
  • They went out together and reached a place where a chilling autumn wind blew. Three severed heads were rolling down the road.
  • Pil-sung was greatly disturbed. Pointing at the heads, Jeung-san said gravely, “Just look at them―don’t behave rashly in these dangerous times. Please be careful on the march.”
  • Jeung-san bade farewell to Pil-sung.
  • Jeung-san Meets with General Jun Bohng-joon
  • During the first Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese army defeated the Chinese troops in Korea and marched on to China for an even greater victory. The Japanese then planned the subjugation of the Eastern Learning Army.
  • From that time on, many Eastern Learning followers were captured or killed in towns all over the country.
  • Near the end of October 1894, the main force of the Eastern Learning Army, led by General Jun Bohng-joon, was ready to fight to the death in an attack on Gohng-ju.
  • 10 Jeung-san, aware of their impending annihilation, went directly to General Jun’s base camp and warned him, “You will only end up killing many innocent people for nothing. Stop this war.” But General Jun would not listen.
  • 11 At that time, the troops led by Gim Gae-nahm, of which Ahn Pil-sung was a member, briefly camped in Yuh-sahn Township before attacking the government troops in Cheongju.
  • 12 In Yuh-sahn, Pil-sung met Jeung-san for the third time. Jeung-san was standing at the side of the road looking at him.
  • 13 “Are you marching out now?” Jeung-san asked.
    “Yes, we are,” Pil-sung said.
    “This will be a devastating battle,” Jeung-san warned. “Be extremely careful.”
  • Witnessing the Flow of Events
  • 14 After passing through Jin-jahm, the troops arrived at the marketplace in Yu-sung. They rested there for a day before attacking Cheongju.
  • 15 The next day, at dawn, on the road about thirty lee from Cheongju, Pil-sung met Jeung-san again.
  • 16 Jeung-san asked, “Is there a Buddhist monk among your troops?”
    “Yes, there is,” Pil-sung replied.
  • 17 Jeung-san again warned Pil-sung. “This time, you must listen to Me. Do not continue on this march; you will be killed if you follow the advice of the wicked monk.”
  • 18 “Why do You speak such ominous words about this momentous event?”
  • 19 “I know you don’t believe Me, but why would I hate the Eastern Learning troops? What awaits them in the near future is extremely unfavorable, so I am trying to help them avoid disaster.”
  • 20 “Why have You followed us all the way here?”
    “I have not come here to fight in this battle. I have come to witness the flow of events.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,24)

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