• Confucius on Sahng-jeh-nim’s Advent
  • Confucius foretold that Sahng-jeh-nim, the Ruling God of the universe, would come as a human and fulfill in the direction of Gahn () the hopes expressed in all of the great teachings.
  • This was called “the fulfillment of the words in Gahn (成言乎艮).” Confucius wrote, “For all things, the end and the beginning are realized in Gahn.” The Confucian scholar Zhu Xi said:
  • Exercise meticulous care in your conduct and appearance, and reverently seek out the creative world of the sacred spirit. If you remain in tranquility within the realm of one mind, you will be able to see Sahng-jeh.
  • The Ruling God in heaven, Jeh, governs li (理), the principle of formation and movement of the universe.
  • In heaven, there is a throne from which the universe is governed. It cannot be sufficiently explained in words.
  • It is said that Jeh is the one who governs the principle. Yet, we cannot see Jeh’s shape. It is truly difficult to properly comprehend Him.
  • The one governing the principle is called the Ohk-hwahng Dae-jeh. But no learned person can speak of Him perfectly.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,5)

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