• Chey Su-oon Is Called Upon by Sahng-jeh-nim
  • At the end of the nineteenth century, Korea and other countries in Asia were in danger of sinking under the oppressive force of Western imperialism. At that critical moment in history, heaven called upon an unknown seeker in Korea and bade him to proclaim the dawning of a new world. He was Chey Su-oon, the founder of Eastern Learning.
  • On April 5, 1860, God bestowed upon Su-oon a heavenly mandate to announce the coming new world to humanity and conferred upon him Spirit Teaching, and then granted him enlightenment. Through this event, called the “Dialogue with the Lord of Heaven,” a new chapter in the history of the universe was opened.
  • The spirit of the Lord of Heaven came to him and said, “Do not fear. Do not be alarmed. I am the one who people call Sahng-jeh. Do you not know Sahng-jeh?
  • I am giving you the eternal and boundless dao. Meditate with it, write about it, and then teach others. If you establish the path to this truth and spread virtue, you will live long and your name will shine brightly throughout the world.”
  • Su-oon then heard Sahng-jeh-nim say, “Receive this mantra.” Su-oon wrote the thirteen syllables of the mantra’s main body and the eight syllables for receiving the power of spirits:
  • 侍天主 造化定 永世不忘 萬事知
    Shee-chun-ju Jo-hwa-jung Yung-seh-bool-mahng Mahn-sa-jee
  • Serve the Lord of Heaven, who comes to the world in person and decides creative change. Never forget the infinite grace that grants enlightenment about all matters.
  • 至氣今至願爲大降
    Jee-ghee -geum-jee-wun-wee-dae-gahng
  • Pray that the ultimate qi, the ripening qi of autumn, abundantly descends from above.
  • Su-oon prepared the path, in an Eastern land, leading to the Father and declared it was time to serve the Lord of Heaven―proclaiming to all humanity that the dao of the Father who would open the world of the Later Heaven, the Great Dao of Mu-geuk, would emerge in Korea.
  • Though he was unable to fulfill the mandate, for five years he proclaimed to the world that the Lord of Heaven would come to Korea. He also announced that a world of new life would come through the Later Heaven Gae-byuk. The following were his solemn proclamations for the deliverance of humanity:
  • The Lord of Heaven sent me to preserve the destiny of this country.
  • How could you have known Sahng-jeh-nim in the golden palace of the great heaven?
  • 10 The unprecedented Great Dao of Mu-geuk will emerge in the world. Youth, before long you will hear countless people sing a song of peace. This dao will be conveyed forever.
  • 11 Take heed, people of the world, the destiny of Mu-geuk is upon us.
  • 12 If you dedicate yourself to chanting the thirteen syllables, why would you need ten thousand books?
  • 13 Practice the Great Dao of Mu-geuk. It is the destiny of the next fifty thousand years.
  • 14 The fate of facing the mysterious disease all over the world―oh, it is again the time of gae-byuk.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,7)

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