• Jahng Hyo-soon’s Death
  • In June, Sahng-jeh-nim visited Hyung-yul and said, “Go to Gim Byung-ook in Jeonju County and arrange for him to see Me later.”
  • Hyung-yul went and made an appointment for Byung-ook to see Sahng-jeh-nim the following night. On his way back, he heard that Jahng Hyo-soon was dead.
  • When Hyung-yul got home, he told Sahng-jeh-nim about the appointment and Hyo-soon’s death, adding,
  • “That man should have died at our hands. It is too bad he died of natural causes. How can we say heaven is just?”
  • “What are you saying?” Sahng-jeh-nim said. “The dead are to be pitied. Whether you have good fortune or misfortune, whether you are superior or inferior, whether you are a person of strengths or weaknesses, all depends upon your mind.”
  • The next day, instead of seeing Byung-ook, Sahng-jeh-nim left for Go-bu County with Hyung-yul.
  • Hyung-yul thought it strange for Sahng-jeh-nim to break His appointment and inquired about it, but Sahng-jeh-nim just laughed without replying.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,51)

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