• Beginning the Work of Renewing Heaven and Earth
  • At His home in Gaeng-mahng Village, in the winter of 1901 (DG 31), after opening the great gate of the spirit world, Sahng-jeh-nim began the work of renewing heaven and earth.
  • He issued royal commands to spirits for nine days and nights.
  • He fasted all nine days and nine nights, sitting silently and still, dressed in a single thin layer of clothes in an unheated room with the doors wide open.
  • Outside, the breeze hushed and snow fell softly. Emanating from His house, a stream of bright and auspicious qi stretched up into the sky.
  • The loud cries of thousands of soldiers and the thunder of horses’ hoofs were heard above.
  • Birds and other animals would not come near, and the villagers were afraid.

  • (JSD Dojeon 4,2)

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