• Sending Korean Spirits to the West to Start World War
  • In March 1903, Sahng-jeh-nim told Hyung-yul and other disciples, “In the past, when there was no traffic between the East and West, spirits also could not travel.
  • These days, spirits come and go following the tags on the goods carried by trains and steamships.
  • I intend to send spirits from Korea to the West to carry out a task.
  • I need someone to finance opening their way to the West. Recommend a wealthy person.”
  • Applying Baek Nahm-shin’s Wealth to the Work of Renewal
  • Gim Byung-ook recommended Baek Nahm-shin, a wealthy man living in Jeonju County.
  • They were close friends, and Nahm-shin frequently visited Byung-ook. Pretending to be drunk, Sahng-jeh-nim went to Byung-ook’s house barefoot and wearing a big bamboo hat. There, He lay down and waited for Nahm-shin. When Nahm-shin came, Sahng-jeh-nim did not get up.
  • 14 Sahng-jeh-nim rose and later He asked, “How much would you say you are worth?”
    “At least three hundred thousand nyahng,” Nahm-shin answered.
  • 15 “Could you live adequately on two hundred thousand nyahng?”
    “Yes, I could.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 5,19)

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