• Sahng-jeh-nim Saves Gim Byung-ook
  • Meanwhile, Sahng-jeh-nim went to the place in Nahm-wun where Byung-ook was staying.
  • From outside the gate, He called, “Come out quickly.” Byung-ook came out.
  • Having him leave the tax money in the landlord’s care, Sahng-jeh-nim quickly took Byung-ook out of the county, but Byung-ook did not know the reason for this.
  • 13 They spent the night at the memorial rites house on the mountain where Byung-ook’s ancestors were buried. The next day, Sahng-jeh-nim sent the man who tended the mountain to Nahm-wun to find out what was happening.
  • 14 When the caretaker returned, he reported that many policemen from Seoul were looking for Byung-ook. Byung-ook was terrified.

  • (JSD Dojeon 5,23)

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