• A Work of Renewal for Underwear
  • One summer day in 1903, Sahng-jeh-nim did somersaults in Hyung-yul’s yard while wearing legless pants and His regular shirt.
  • Ho-yun thought these legless pants, which she was seeing for the first time, were strange and extraordinary. She said, “What are You wearing? You must really be crazy.
  • Where did You get them?”
    “They are everywhere,” Sahng-jeh-nim answered, then explained,
  • “In the future, people will wear these clothes. These will appear in the world.”
  • Ho-yun was still puzzled. “Why are You doing all of this?”
  • “Now, I am locking up a thief,” Sahng-jeh-nim answered.
  • A Work of Renewal for Shoes
  • 10 Sahng-jeh-nim once made a pair of shoes out of straw and then dyed them many colors.
  • 11 He put them on Ho-yun’s feet and said, “In the future, colorful shoes like these will appear. In the days to come, you will wear good shoes.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 5,34)

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