• The Ultimate Contest Ends the Established Order
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said, “The state of the present world is like a wrestling tournament. First, the children wrestle, and then the youths wrestle. Finally, the adults wrestle in the ultimate contest that ends the tournament.”
  • One day, He drew a line like the center of the Tae-geuk symbol on a piece of paper and said, “This is a three-eight line.
  • The center of the ring will be on Korea’s three-eight line. There, the ultimate contest of the world will be held.
  • The Court of Judgment for All Nations will be placed in Korea. When the ox comes out to the ring, the tournament is coming to an end.
  • People play the gambling game False Nine. In that game, when ten-five reaches its fullest, the winner gathers up the stakes. This reveals the secret of an achievement coming on the verge of the Later Heaven.
  • I have incorporated it into the work of renewal.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 5,7)

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