• If Su-bu-nim Moves to Geum-gu County
  • On the evening of August 18, 1908, Sahng-jeh-nim arrived in Dae-heung Village on horseback and called for Ahn Joong-sun and Cha Yoon-gyung.
  • He said to them, “Go to Gu-rit-gohl Village right now and find the best sedan chair and best porters. Return here before the sun rises.
  • Tomorrow, the Su-bu will move to Gu-rit-gohl Village, and I will accompany Her.” The two men set out immediately.
  • The next morning, Sahng-jeh-nim said to Su-bu-nim, “If You move to Geum-gu County, Your body will be broken.
  • If You remain here, Your body will thrive. Thus, this is the proper place for You.”
  • 10 Then, He set out alone. When He arrived at Sahl-po-jung-ee Village, He met the sedan chair. Leaving the horse, He got into the sedan chair and left for Gu-rit-gohl Village.

  • (JSD Dojeon 6,34)

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