• The Sae-ool Program
  • On the night of January 14, at Chey Duk-gyum’s house in Duk-du Village, Sahng-jeh-nim wrote the word sae-ool and then burned the paper.
  • Then, He instructed Duk-gyum, “Go to Chey Chahng-jo’s house in Sae-ool Village to share the teachings.”
  • When Duk-gyum inquired about how he should do this, Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Clean a quiet room at Chahng-jo’s house. In it, place a large pot of fresh water, and in front of the pot, place forty-nine spoons. Then, gather people to meditate. Have them chant the Shee-chun-ju Mantra seven times.
  • After that, gather the spoons in your hands and use them to make a metallic sound while everyone continues to chant the mantra. Do this until the rooster crows. If anyone falls asleep before the rooster crows, that person will die.”
  • Following the order, Duk-gyum went to Chahng-jo’s house and did everything he was told.
  • The next day, January 15, Sahng-jeh-nim and Wun-il went to Sae-ool Village by way of Baek-ahm Village. Sahng-jeh-nim had Wun-il give Duk-gyum some matches and a scroll they had brought from Baek-ahm Village.
  • Written on the scroll were the Tae-eul Mantra and another mantra:
  • 天文地理 風雲造化
    Chun-moon-jee-ree Poong-oon-jo-hwa
  • 八門遁甲 六丁六甲
    Pahl-moon-doon-gahp Yook-jung-yook-gahp
  • 知慧勇力
  • Sahng-jeh-nim told Chahng-jo, “Go outside to see what is going on.”
  • Chahng-jo went outside, and when he came back, he reported, “There is talk that policemen, intending to arrest You, are on their way to Baek-ahm Village.”
  • 10 “You should also hide,” Sahng-jeh-nim said to Chahng-jo, rising.
  • 11 He told Duk-gyum, “Hurry home. They will be here any minute.”
  • 12 He asked Chahng-jo for two nyahng and gave the money to a neighbor, Ee Gohng-sahm.
  • 13 Sahng-jeh-nim then staggered through a field, saying, “To escape, you must walk like this.” He went directly to Gu-rit-gohl Village.

  • (JSD Dojeon 6,74)

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