• Farmers Will Have High Social Status
  • “In the Later Heaven, farmers will be among the noblest people. I will now relieve the bitterness and grief of farmers. They will have high social status.
  • In the future, it will be possible to eat in one part of a house and defecate in another.
  • It will no longer be necessary to go outside to cook.
  • Farmers will plow their fields without touching the soil, and oxen and horses will be replaced by machines.
  • Sowing and reaping will not be as difficult as it is today, because seeds will be sown once, and every year following, buds will come from the roots and new plants will grow.
  • No matter how barren the land is, it will become fertile because it will have been scorched to the depth of more than three feet.”
  • The Work of Renewal for Sowing Seeds
  • One windy day, Ahn Pil-sung was heading for his field with a sack of seeds, when he happened to see Sahng-jeh-nim near an inn.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Pil-sung, it is too windy to sow the seeds now. Why not stay here for a while and have a drink with Me? I will sow them for you.” He had Pil-sung lay the sack in the field.
  • Pil-sung followed Sahng-jeh-nim to the inn and drank with Him, but worried to himself, “What shall I do? It will be difficult to sow the seeds if the wind keeps blowing like this.”
    Sahng-jeh-nim knew of Pil-sung’s concern. “Do not worry about it.”
  • 10 After he finally said good-bye to Sahng-jeh-nim, Pil-sung rushed to the field; but when he got there, he found that all of the seeds had already been sown. This experience led Pil-sung to have greater reverence for Sahng-jeh-nim.

  • (JSD Dojeon 7,2)

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