• A Disease Will Attack the Entire World
  • “Being superior by just one move wins the game of ba-dook. Concentrate on the study that is unknown to others.
  • Since the Early Heaven Gae-byuk, the world has been ceaselessly ravaged by floods, droughts, and wars, but there has yet to be a truly catastrophic disease.
  • In the coming days, such a disease will attack the entire world and annihilate the human race, allowing no means of survival.
  • “Abandon all other methods, though they may seem wondrous, and study ui-tohng, though it may seem meager.
  • Since beginning the work of renewing heaven and earth, I have defeated all calamities in this world except the catastrophic disease.
  • I leave behind the catastrophic disease; but, at the same time, I grant you ui-tohng.
  • Do not value rare medicines that are far away. Instead, learn ui-tohng with a pure and genuine heart. You will not have time to turn your head. The disease will come like a torrent.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 7,24)

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