• The Cause of the Catastrophic Disease
  • A disciple asked Sahng-jeh-nim, “There is a saying, ‘For every one hundred ancestors, only one descendant survives.’ It is also said, ‘Though there is no war or famine, corpses pile up on the road.’ Is this what You have been speaking of?”
  • “All the Early Heaven’s bad karma and the bitterness, grief, and vengeance of the spirits create diseases in the world that will develop into a mysterious disease.
  • There has been no illness of such magnitude in spring and summer. When the season changes to autumn, the karma of the prior two seasons will give rise to the disease.”
  • On another occasion, Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Heaven and earth are now approaching the great autumn.
  • As heaven and earth, which have raised all things, face the destiny of autumn, the bad karma of the Early Heaven will create a great disease and give rise to great turmoil.
  • Following the turmoil, the disease will sweep across the entire world. It cannot be avoided or cured with any known medicine.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 7,28)

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