• Heaven and Earth Will Turn Upside Down
  • From the time Ho-yun was three or four years old, Sahng-jeh-nim often visited her family’s home. Ho-yun’s father died when she was seven. From that time, whenever Sahng-jeh-nim took her anywhere, He dressed her in boy’s clothing.
  • When Ho-yun saw other girls wearing skirts, she wanted to dress like them. One festival day, she said, “Those girls are well-dressed. When will I go around like that? They are dressed that way, but what about me? Must I always dress like this, even on festival days?”
  • “You will dress like them in the future. You will have a heap of fine clothes. Don’t worry, you will be buried in fine clothes. You will be given fine silk, and grandfathers will come to you and bow their heads.”
  • “Really? Grandfathers will bow their heads to me?”
    “In the future, yes, they will. Before long, you will be buried in fine clothes and surrounded by piles of money.”
  • “Then, why am I like this now?”
    “There is a right time for everything.”
    “When will it be?”
  • “In the future, heaven and earth will be turned upside down.”
    “How will heaven be turned upside down?”
    “It will simply happen.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 7,9)

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