• At Twenty-Four, Jeung-san Resolves
    to Deliver the World from Suffering
  • Jeung-san observed the flow of this great war that heralded the coming of the Later Heaven.
  • General Jun was forty years old at the time, and Jeung-san was a young man of twenty-four.
  • That year, deeply worried that the world was becoming worse every day, Jeung-san resolved to save people everywhere from pain and suffering.
  • One night in May, an old man visited Him in a dream. They discussed the profound and mysterious principles of heaven and earth and the destiny of the world.
  • Yu Duk-ahn Looks for Jeung-san
  • Jeung-san later left home on a journey, and after He had been gone a long while, the Sacred Mother grew anxious, concerned for His safety in such troubling times. The Sacred Father sent Yu Duk-ahn to look for Him.
  • When Duk-ahn arrived at Gahng-shin Village in Go-bu County, government troops had just captured and bound two Eastern Learning soldiers. Assuming that Duk-ahn was also in the Eastern Learning Army, they apprehended him as well. They led the three of them to the temporary execution ground on Yohng-muh-ree Hill in Jeonju County.
  • They beheaded one of the Eastern Learning soldiers and then the other, but when they were about to execute Duk-ahn, the sky suddenly darkened, lightning flashed, thunder roared, a whirlwind blew, and swords of fire fell from the sky.
  • Frightened, the government troops ran off. The wind and rain did not stop until deep into the night. When Duk-ahn regained consciousness, he found the two corpses lying in the darkness, but could see nothing else.
  • Then, a small light shone in the distance. Bound and exhausted, he dragged himself toward it.
  • 10 As the sun started to dawn and the mysterious light disappeared, he found himself alone in the middle of a quiet wood. After regaining his strength, he untied himself and returned home glad to be alive.
  • 11 He guessed the light must have been the eyes of a tiger.
  • 12 Later, when Jeung-san returned home to Gaeng-mahng Village, He said to Duk-ahn in a soothing voice, “In these harsh times, you were faced with great danger and suffering. You do not need to look for Me.” Duk-ahn then realized he had been saved by Jeung-san’s power.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,21)

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