• Returning Home After Three Years of Travel
  • In three years of travel, He observed the minds and customs of people as well as the lay of the land and the qi and spirits of great mountains and rivers around the country.
  • He returned home in 1900 at the age of thirty.
  • Only One Human in a Throng of People
  • One day, while Jeung-san was traveling with Bohng-nahm, Jeung-san handed Bohng-nahm a strand of hair that was as long as two finger joints.
  • Pointing to a bustling place where hundreds of people had gathered, Jeung-san said, “There are many people over there. Look at them through this hair.”
  • Obeying His words, Bohng-nahm brought the hair to his eyes and gazed at the people through it.
  • The people looked like dogs, pigs, and other animals; only one person appeared human.
  • After a while, Jeung-san asked, “Are you finished looking?” He then took back the hair and burned it.
  • Helping Ee Chee-ahn Arrange a Marriage
  • Ee Chee-ahn of Jun-yohng Village tried to arrange a marriage between his youngest son and a daughter of the Sohng family of Geum-ma-jahng Village, but the matchmaker failed to show up.
  • Chee-ahn went out in the early morning, saying to one of his daughters-in-law, “I am going to Geum-ma-jahng Village.” When he arrived, a young man wearing shabby clothes and a torn hat nudged him.
  • 10 Chee-ahn, a large man known for his strength, was annoyed and said, “Why did You touch me?”
  • 11 The man replied, “Please excuse Me. Are you on your way to discuss your son’s marriage?” The young man was Jeung-san.
  • 12 Chee-ahn wondered how this stranger knew of his intention to meet the matchmaker.
  • 13 Jeung-san continued, “The person you wish to meet is on his way to your house.
  • 14 For you to continue on would be useless, and if you miss this chance, another opportunity for marriage will not come about in the near future. Do hurry home.”
  • 15 Because Chee-ahn had not told anyone else about this matter, he was intrigued that this young man knew so much about his affairs.
  • 16 Finally, Chee-ahn introduced himself and said, “All right. Shall we wager on it?”
    “Good, let us do that.”
  • 17 “Then, let us go to my house together.”
    Accompanied by Jeung-san, Chee-ahn returned home and there found the matchmaker.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,31)

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