• Unrest and Fear After the Failure of the Revolution
  • After the Eastern Learning Revolution, the government of Korea grew more corrupt. Benevolence and generosity faded more and more. Government officials became cruel and greedy.
  • Schools and religions lost their true virtue and engendered vice.
  • Confucian scholars valued empty formalities; Buddhism deluded the people; Western religion endeavored to expand its influence; and after the failure of the revolution, there were almost no Eastern Learning followers left.
  • People had fallen into hardship and poverty and had nowhere to turn. Society was overwhelmed with fear and uneasiness.
  • Jeung-san Opens a Small School
  • In 1897, when He was twenty-seven, Jeung-san again opened a school at the house of His brother-in-law, Jung Nahm-ghee. He taught His younger brother Yung-hahk, Hyung-yul’s son Chahn-moon, and other children from the town.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,28)

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