• Jeung-san Reprimands Buddhist Monks
  • When Jeung-san stayed a few days at Sohng-gwahng Temple in Jeonju County, one of the monks there treated Him rudely.
  • Angered, Jeung-san shouted, “What a frivolous group has gathered on this mountain! While pretending to practice Buddhism, you commit a hundred wicked acts and poison society. I will tear this lair down.” With one hand, He started pulling at one of the front pillars of the temple and moved it a foot out of place.
  • The monks were greatly frightened and many of them rushed outside to bow to Jeung-san and plead for forgiveness. This calmed His anger, and He stopped pulling at the pillar.
  • Despite repeated attempts to repair it, the displaced pillar has never been returned to its original position.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,27)

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