• One Night in Gahp Temple
  • Taking a path on Gyeh-ryohng Mountain, they heard a wooden gong. Following the sound, they came upon Gahp Temple.
  • As they entered the temple grounds, Jeung-san said, “There’s still some time left before sunset, but we will be harmed if we go further. Let us sleep here.”
  • A monk arrived a while later and said, “The Eastern Learning Army has set up camp in No-sung and is capturing all the deserters.”
  • Hearing this, Pil-sung and Hyung-yul were deeply worried.
    Jeung-san reassured them. “This is why we should stay here for the night. If we leave tomorrow morning, there won’t be any danger. There’s no need to worry.”
  • The next day, they left Gahp Temple and walked along the mountain path for a while. Jeung-san bade them both farewell and said, “From this point on, no harm will come to you. Let us part here.”
  • Still fearful and ill at ease, both men begged to accompany Jeung-san further. Laughing, He allowed it.
  • Arriving at Yuh-sahn Township, Jeung-san said, “If we pass through this town, we will lose our clothes.” Taking a side path, they headed for In-nae marketplace in Go-sahn Township.
  • All the Eastern Learning soldiers who later passed through Yuh-san lost their clothes to the town’s people and were driven away wearing only their undergarments. This happened because they had stolen clothes from the people when passing through the town on their way north.
  • Arrival in Jeonju County
  • Jeung-san and the two others finally arrived in Jeonju County and spent the night at an inn. Pil-sung and Hyung-yul worried about having no money to pay for their lodgings, but Jeung-san comforted them. “I’m going to stay here for a while, but you two can return home. Don’t worry about anything.”
  • 10 Reassured, both men bade farewell to Jeung-san and went back to their homes.
  • 11 Later, the Eastern Learning Army was scattered after two consecutive defeats: one in Wun-pyung Village on November 25, and the other in Tae-in County on November 27.
  • 12 The spring of Jeung-san’s twenty-fifth year came after a sad winter that had brought ordeals and frustration to the people.
  • 13 During the warm spring days, the cold news of tragedy came. Jeung-san heard that the arrested Eastern Learning leaders had been beheaded. This was a tragic end to the lives of men in their thirties and forties.

  • (JSD Dojeon 1,26)

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