• Monk Bahk Geum-gohk Attends on Jeung-san
  • During Jeung-san’s study at Dae-wun Temple, Head Monk Bahk Geum-gohk attended on Him.
  • Geum-gohk had lived at Gun-bohng Temple on Geum-gahng Mountain until the temple burned down. He and the recluse Hahm then traveled the southern provinces.
  • At the age of thirty-four, he arrived at Dae-wun Temple, which had fallen into disrepair. He restored the temple and became its head monk. In 1901, when he attended on Jeung-san, Geum-gohk was forty-eight.
  • He said of Jeung-san, “A divine spirit has come down to this world.” He attended on Jeung-san, taking care of His needs. Among the thirty monks under Geum-gohk, only the recluse Hahm and Geum-gohk’s nephew, the recluse Bahk, revered Jeung-san as a divine spirit.

  • (JSD Dojeon 2,3)

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