• Sahng-jeh-nim: Great Teacher, Father of All
  • Jeung-san Sahng-jeh-nim―Lord of Heaven, who incarnated as a human being―is God of the New Heaven, who opened the Later Heaven’s world of immortality.
  • On July 7, 1901 (DG 31), at Dae-wun Temple of Mo-ahk Mountain, He opened the gate of the spirit world.
  • Then, with authority over the three realms, He laid the foundation for a new world in the Later Heaven. He is God on the White Throne, Sahng-jeh-nim in Heaven’s Golden Palace.
  • Jeung-san Sahng-jeh-nim, the Father of All Life, the Great Teacher, governs all that exists in the universe.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,1)

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