• Sahng-jeh-nim Transforms Messengers into Birds
  • Sometimes, when someone was to be sent far away on an errand, Sahng-jeh-nim would order the messenger to stand in front of Him;
  • then, Sahng-jeh-nim would blow once from behind, transforming the person into a mandarin duck, a crane, a wild goose, or a stork. Afterward, the messenger would fly away.
  • Jin-su, Sung-su, and Nahm-su were among those who were transformed into birds to run errands.
  • Once, while staying at Sohng-gwahng Temple, Sahng-jeh-nim summoned these three messengers to send them on errands.
  • He ordered each of them to go to certain countries, meet specific people there, and come back on a specific date.
  • After five days, one returned early in the morning, another a little later, and the third around noon. Each reported to Sahng-jeh-nim.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,29)

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