• A Work of Renewal in Shin-heung Temple
  • After many days at Sohng-gwahng Temple, Sahng-jeh-nim visited Shin-heung Temple in Im-shil County.
  • There, He did works of renewal day and night, summoning tigers, oxen, horses, and various other animals.
  • He also summoned spirits, some of whom were well-dressed and others dressed as if for working in the fields.
  • The spirits would not come right up to the house, but stood at a distance, turned sideways, not daring to look directly at Sahng-jeh-nim.
  • Ho-yun asked, “Who is this? Who is that?”
    “That is a dead person, and that is also a dead person,” Sahng-jeh-nim answered.
  • “How could dead people come here and look around with their glassy eyes?”
    “How could they come without their eyes open? Just sit still and be quiet.”
  • After that, He ordered the spirits, “Withdraw over there.” One of the spirits marked a line on the ground and all the spirits stood behind it.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim gave them pieces of iron the size of a gourd and said, “Try to lift them.” Some spirits could and others were too weak.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim ordered them to go and collect panicle swallowwort root, arrowroot, and another kind of root and told them to mix everything together before eating it.
  • 10 He also told them to eat wild ginseng at a specific place and brew some wine so that the generals could wet their throats.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,30)

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