• Gim Hyung-yul, the Head Disciple
  • Gim Hyung-yul, also known as Tae-oon,
  • joined the Eastern Learning Army during the revolution in 1894 and would have likely been killed in a battle in Cheongju County if Sahng-jeh-nim had not saved him.
  • Several years later, Hyung-yul heard a rumor that Sahng-jeh-nim had attained enlightenment, which made Hyung-yul all the more eager to see Him again.
  • One day in April 1902, having run out of rice, Hyung-yul went to Wun-pyung Village on market day. He had managed to borrow one nyahng to buy food for his family. There, to his surprise and delight, he happened to meet the one whom he had been longing to see.
  • 10 Hyung-yul said to himself, “If I give Him this money for traveling expenses, my family will go hungry; but not to give it to Him would be disloyal considering our close relationship.” Finally, he persuaded Sahng-jeh-nim to take the money.
  • 11 Sahng-jeh-nim left, promising to visit on His return journey.

  • (JSD Dojeon 3,4)

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