• Sleeping Habits and Attire
  • While staying at the medicine room, Sahng-jeh-nim slept on the bare floor without a mattress or even a pillow. He would rest His head on anything in sight, such as a bowl or a wooden headrest.
  • He never sought comfort; following His example, the disciples slept in the same way.
  • He had no regular sleeping time, and often when He did sleep, no one was aware of it.
  • Sometimes, He would lie down to sleep, but would soon get up, go outside, and come back in.
  • Even in the middle of winter, no matter how cold it was, He did not cover Himself with a blanket and never complained of being cold. Also, when it was hot, He would not complain of the heat.
  • In summer or winter, Sahng-jeh-nim usually wore the same clothes. In winter, He wore a jacket and trousers that were made of just two layers of cotton fabric. In summer, He would remove one layer.

  • (JSD Dojeon 5,327)

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