• At Goon-sahn Harbor
  • In the late summer of that year, when the petals were about to fall from the flowers, Sahng-jeh-nim went with Hyung-yul and Ho-yun to stay at Goon-sahn Harbor for a work of renewal.
  • They went out on the wharf one day and a big steamship passed in front of them.
    Sahng-jeh-nim shouted in an earth-trembling voice, “All of you! Stop there.”
  • One man on the ship yelled, “What kind of an ass are You? Why don’t You come out here?”
  • At this, Sahng-jeh-nim made the ship stop, then walked on water all the way to it and easily leapt aboard.
  • Everyone on deck was shocked, and they shouted things such as, “You have to ride a boat to get here! You walked on the water!”
  • The man who had yelled at Sahng-jeh-nim asked, “Are You human? What are You?”
  • Sahng-jeh-nim said, “What do you mean, ‘What are You?’” He slapped the man once, causing him to fall overboard. The man landed upside down with only his head submerged.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim stood on the man’s feet and stomped while singing a song.
  • Witnessing this, Ho-yun said, “Oh, what if the man dies?”
  • 10 “It only looks like our Teacher is doing that,” Hyung-yul said. “He is now floating in the air, so He is not heavy.”
  • 11 Sahng-jeh-nim hopped aboard the ship again and stood on the gunwale; the ship began tilting toward that side, further and further.
  • 12 Terrified, everyone on board pleaded, “If this ship capsizes, we will be in great danger! King of the Sea, please spare us.”
  • 13 “Am I the King of the Sea, you fools?”
  • 14 They continued to plead. “Heaven and earth, please spare us.”
    “Am I heaven and earth, you fools?” Sahng-jeh-nim stamped His left foot and the ship tilted further.
  • 15 Some people witnessing this from the shore, not knowing what else to do, sent for a shaman. Others kneeled and prayed, rubbing their hands together. There was much commotion.
  • 16 When the shaman arrived in a boat to perform an exorcism, Sahng-jeh-nim strode in His stocking feet across the water toward her. The shaman was terrified.
  • 17 Then, Sahng-jeh-nim turned the drowning man right side up and pulled him back on deck.
  • 18 Sahng-jeh-nim said to him, “Bring me one thousand nyahng, or I’ll hang you upside down.” The man immediately gave Him the money.
  • 19 Sahng-jeh-nim said, “Take back the money. I demanded it because I didn’t like the way you spoke. If I take your money, what will I become? Take it back.”
  • 20 In a loud voice, He said, “All of you close your eyes.” Then, He said to Ho-yun and Hyung-yul, “Let us leave now.” They went on their way.

  • (JSD Dojeon 5,39)

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