• Sahng-jeh-nim Becomes Su-bu-nim,
    Su-bu-nim Becomes Sahng-jeh-nim
  • One day in 1908, Sahng-jeh-nim had about ten disciples stand in the yard. Then, He sat with Su-bu-nim on the floor of a room that opened to the yard and had Gyung-suk hold a hammer.
  • Sahng-jeh-nim told Gyung-suk to strike Him and Su-bu-nim with the hammer as one would strike a bridegroom at a wedding reception.
  • After Gyung-suk did this, Su-bu-nim ran into another room, saying, “If I am to die, I will die only once, not twice.”
  • Sahng-jeh-nim praised Her highly for this. He then told Ahn Nae-sung to strike Gyung-suk with the hammer and ask him what he would do.
  • Gyung-suk replied, “I will revolt.”
  • After Su-bu-nim came back out, Sahng-jeh-nim said to Her, “You are twenty-nine years old, and I am thirty-eight.
  • Subtract nine years from My age, and I become You; add nine years to Your age, and You become Me.
  • This is the work through which I become You, and You become Me.”

  • (JSD Dojeon 6,28)

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